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Introducing OMNiStreamer

Orbital Media Networks, Inc., introduces the next generation of syndication distribution over the public internet.  The OMNiStreamer platform is a full featured network distribution system that includes advanced capabilities and control only available previously using expensive head-end gear and satellite receivers.  The OMNiStreamer Receiver is a dual network-path HLS or RTP audio appliance.


Discover why the OMNiStreamer is a truly broadcast-quality alternative to the best satellite distribution or terrestrial point to point technologies.  While C-Band satellite distribution may be the pinnacle of reliable real-time content delivery, the large antennas, high cost of bandwidth, and expensive proprietary head-end gear can make this model cost-prohibitive to smaller broadcast networks.  Private point to point networks can be cost-effective for a very limited number of affiliates, but quickly become more expensive than satellite distribution when the network grows.  Previously available public internet distribution systems have been plagued by congestion issues including audio glitches, long programming interruptions, and unsynchronized playout across multiple affiliates.  These “solutions” also suffer from the use of cobbled together consumer grade hardware, making for trashy audio and a severe lack of professional features.


OMNiStreamer answers yes to dual-network paths, regionalized spot insertions, automation control relays, PAD Data pass-through, high quality AAC audio, scheduled program playback, and local content playout all at a very attractive price-point.  


Designed to be true broadcast quality from the ground up, with balanced analog, pro-level outputs, optional AES audio, 8 N.O. relays, serial and UDP delivery of program data, and a host of other features that will make you wonder how so much capability could also be so affordable.  The platform’s dual internet path support, innovative error-correction and path length accommodation algorithms dramatically reduce the effects of public internet congestion – minimizing audio glitches and dropouts while providing distribution to a large number of affiliates that remains synchronized network-wide, even across the challenges and uncertainty of the public internet.  OMNiStreamer says NO to on-air trainwrecks. 

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