About Us

We serve the largest communications networks in the world!

We provide satellite communication for some of the largest radio syndication networks and companies in the country. We understand perfection is not an option, but a standard in communication. We are constantly working on ways to improve technology and provide only the best to our clients.

Top reasons to choose Orbital Media Networks, Inc.:

  1. Solutions: As a business owner, manager, IT professional, or engineer, we recognize that you require more than a communications option, but rather a complete package with additional features and extensive support.
  2. Knowledge: When your satellite provider specializes in designing satellite up-links and down-links, works closely with manufacturers, and installs satellite equipment, they become experts in the field of satellite communications.
  3. Location: Our primary up-link location is a 20,000 square foot, high security facility near Denver, Colorado – the prime location for satellite communications in the United States.
  4. Diversity: No other satellite provider designs end-to-end, turn-key satellite packages, sells and services the equipment, provides space segment on multiple satellites on multiple bands.
  5. Capability: We offer space segment for radio, television, internet, paging, VoIP, and disaster recovery services for both fixed and mobile systems.
  6. Streamlined: We know that satellite communication can be confusing, that is why we have worked very hard on making the process very easy to understand and quick.
  7. Dedication: We want our customers to be successful; not only will we guide you through the planning, design, and launch of your solution, but we continue to deliver innovative ideas and expert support designed to increase your business results.
  8. Trustworthy: All of the employees of Orbital Media Networks take great pride in their work and the relationships they have with our customers. Our goal is to provide more than just a place to do business with, but to provide a place with people you can trust and rely on.
  9. Innovation: We thrive on the challenge to continually incorporate new technologies, design cutting-edge products, and produce innovative solutions. The successful exploitation of new ideas is what clearly differentiates us from our competition.
  10. Reliability: Orbital Media Networks has gone to great lengths to insure that we provide our customers with the best reliability in the market. Each one of our departments has implemented processes, software, and hardware to make sure that our service to you is not jeopardized by errors.

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